HAVEN IAQ Central Air Monitor

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The HAVEN IAQ Ecosystem

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In addition to common issues, every home has a different HVAC configuration, location and occupant activities. Contractors are given the challenging task of diagnosing the air quality issues their customers are experiencing. The HAVEN IAQ Ecosystem is a new generation of HVAC products designed to empower contractors to make decisions and recommendations based on reliable data. The HAVEN ecosystem consists of the in duct Central Air Monitor, alongisde the Pro Web Portal and Mobile IAQ App.

Haven Ecosystem

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor

Meet the HAVEN Central Air Monitor, the first duct-mounted, whole home air quality monitor, built for HVAC professionals. The Central Air Monitor gets professionally installed into the duct right next to the air handler or furnace. This is how it's able to monitor the health of the air in the whole home, tracking particles, airborne chemicals, and airflow status.

Capable of integrating with smart home automation controls, the monitor can send a message to activate HVAC equipment automatically, ensuring proper filtration and circulation of the home's air when needed. Apply and become a HAVEN Pro today!

HAVEN Features

  • 24/7 analysis of air in an entire home
  • Rich software ecosystem to interact with the data
  • Mobile and Web apps available
  • Fanless design reduces maintenance requirements
  • In-app, guided installation
  • Filter lifetime notifications
  • Wifi connected with secure cloud storage

Benefits of HAVEN

  • Exclusive to the HAVEN Pro Channel
  • Dedicated support line for HAVEN professionals
  • Tips for improving indoor air quality via the app
  • Can be sold as part of service contracts
  • Builds trust and creates long term customers
  • Individually calibrated for reliable performance
  • Intelligent air quality alerts & insights

The HAVEN Pro Web Portal

Haven Web Portal

Pro Web Portal Features

  • The ultimate tool for HVAC professionals to access customer data for year-round touchpoints
  • Perfect for maintenance and service contracts
  • List of all customers with HAVEN devices, their equipment, and contact info
  • Multiple modules — including IAQ knowledge, installation info, troubleshooting & support info
  • Simple graph of customer data

Coming Soon

  • Export IAQ Reports
  • Explore & compare data from multiple devices at once
  • Analytics & Insights Dashboard


HVAC Contractors - Download the HAVEN IAQ App & apply to become a HAVEN Pro.

This app will support HAVEN Pro's through the physical installation of the HAVEN Central Air Monitor, as well as connecting the device to the homes WiFI network. Provide your customers with 24/7/365 air quality insights including notifications, and recommendations. In-app "Contractor Contact" feature makes it easy for your customer to get in touch for clean air services, year round.

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Haven apps

Listen to Bill Spohn (President/CEO of TruTech Tools) talk with Ben Reed (VP of Products at TZOA) about all things IAQ on the Building HVAC Science Podcast Episode 49.

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